TenPoint5 Signatures classes run 55 minutes long.  Our Mini Barre classes are still your full body work out in 45-minutes!

What to wear

Tight-fitting fitness and yoga attire is preferable.  All students must wear “grippy” socks in the studio. If you do not have your own, they are available for purchase at the studio.

What to bring

A killer attitude.

Intensity levels

TenPoint5 is a concept that works for people in all fitness levels, ages, shapes, sizes and “comfort levels.” Our goal is to help you discover your potential.

Physical and/or medical concerns

Any current or former injuries should be brought to your instructor’s attention. If any movement creates pain (other than the good, “I’m kicking ass” kind of pain) you should stop doing that motion and consult your doctor.


We are high-energy.
The music is loud.
The people in the class are rock stars.


New Client Special: 30 Days for $30
Drop-in: $15
Point5 Membership$105 (month unlimited access to in-person classes, Livestream and On-Demand Library)

I took the class last week with both Sarah and Christa teaching and it was AMAZING!!! - Penny

Just leaving TenPoint5 and my legs are still shaking!! Pretty sure my tush is already a little tighter :)!! Beautiful studio, high energy, loud music, awesome instructors!! - Bri

Sore today! Already miss those amazing teachers, kick butt workout, and hot mix playlist! - Arrielle